Hello there, I’m Amy, and NeverWellBehaved.com is my space on the web where convention doesn’t dictate actions. The name itself packs a punch, doesn’t it? It’s a nod to all the unconventional, rebellious spirits out there. The idea of it came as a result of looking down one day at a bracelet I wear that holds a special place in my heart. That bracelet, and now the building of this community serves as a daily reminder to live authentically.

You’ll find out that my commitment to health and wellness isn’t just a trend or a passing interest. It’s a lifelong passion rooted deeply in personal experience and professional expertise. I’ve taken this ardor and channeled it into a platform that emboldens women to go against the grain – to redefine wellness on their terms.

My professional journey may seem academic, with currently finishing my degree in Psychology from SUNY Empire and entering a PhD program in media psychology. However, it’s so much more; it’s an exploration of how media representations can influence our body image and eating behaviors. By understanding these elements, I aim to empower others to navigate the complexities of health and self-perception.

NeverWellBehaved.com is more than just a website; it’s a mission. It’s about creating a community where every woman can step into her strength, polish her independence, and author the life she’s always wanted to lead – emotionally, spiritually, physically, and financially. It’s a haven for anyone who believes in the beauty of rewriting their narratives.

Meet Amy Colozza: Health Advocate and Storyteller

You’re going to find out about someone who’s been on quite the journey… that’s me, Amy. My life’s work revolves around health and wellness, but it’s not just about the industry as a whole; it’s deeply personal. I’ve battled disordered eating behaviors for as long as I can remember, which has given me a profound understanding of the complexity and lifelong challenge it represents.

Studying media psychology with a focus on body image at the PhD level isn’t just a career move. To me, it’s a mission. It’s about uncovering the impact our digital society has on self-perception and eating behaviors. This isn’t just education, it’s a tool that I’m honing to better grasp and combat the issues many women face today.

What I’m really passionate about is creating a circle of support for women. By sharing our narratives, we unlock the strength that lies in vulnerability and community. At NeverWellBehaved.com, we’re cultivating a space for these voices, encouraging others to step forward with their stories. Understand this: When we share, we empower not only ourselves but also each other.

The essence of NeverWellBehaved doesn’t end with emotional empowerment. It extends to inspiring women to lead lives marked by spiritual growth, physical health, and economic autonomy. Together, through my site, we’re building a fellowship of formidable women who dictate their own destinies and sketch the outlines of the lives they yearn to lead.

Journey With Me: Education, Family, and Furry Friends

I’ve always believed that education is more than just a pathway to a career; it’s a cornerstone of personal development. My academic journey took off at SUNY Empire, where the field of psychology captivated me. Now, I’m diving into the depths of media psychology for my PhD, with a focus that’s incredibly personal to me: body image and disordered eating behaviors.

Family is the bedrock upon which I’ve built my life. I’m married to the love of my life, someone who’s been my rock throughout the ups and downs. Together, we’re watching my two strong and independent daughters script their own life stories in college. I can honestly say that witnessing their growth has been one of my greatest joys.

Animal companionship has been another source of joy and comfort in my life. Being a fur mom to two lovable pups means there’s never a dull moment at home. They teach me the importance of living in the present and provide the unconditional love that only pets can give. You will see Willow and Orion in videos and pictures on the site, as they love the limelight.

Living with disordered eating isn’t a journey that ever really ends. It’s a continual process of learning, adapting, and healing. Every day is a new chance to strengthen my relationship with food and my body. At NeverWellBehaved.com, I use these personal experiences to connect with others who face similar struggles. Through mutual support and understanding, we create a community that lifts each other up.

Now, aren’t you curious about what I do when I step away from the website and research? Well, prepare to find out about my passions beyond my advocacy work. My next marathon might just be a metaphor for the resilience and persistence I hope to share with every visitor to NeverWellBehaved.com. But that’s a story for the next section.

Beyond the Website: Hobbies, Marathons, and Storytelling

I like to think that our hobbies paint a colorful backdrop to who we are. For me, reading is more than an escape – it’s a doorway to different perspectives and continuous learning. You might find me curled up with the latest health psychology book or a captivating novel that takes me to places I’ve never been.

Running is another passion of mine. It clears my head, challenges my limits, and has brought me to one of my proudest achievements – finishing my first marathon. And guess what? I’m currently training for my second. This commitment to running parallels my approach to wellness – a relentless journey, not a final destination.

Beyond the practical tips and professional insight I share on NeverWellBehaved.com, I also open up about my personal experiences. I firmly believe in the power of storytelling as a form of therapy and connection. By sharing the stories of my struggles, triumphs, and everyday life, I hope to encourage other women to do the same.

The beautiful synergy between my hobbies, my career, and my mission creates the rich tapestry that is my life and NeverWellBehaved.com. It’s a platform not only about the knowledge I offer but also about the everyday practices that contribute to the holistic well-being of every individual I connect with.

So I really hope that through my writing, my studies, my heartfelt conversations, and even my running, I can inspire you to find what makes you feel strong, capable, and never well-behaved. Together, let’s write our stories, not with the ink of society’s expectations, but with the bold strokes of our own choices and unique experiences.

Always make history,


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